December 3, 2015

A Holiday Wish Come True

I'm crying.
And it's in a good way.
With all the terrible things going on in the world, I've been trying to 'eek' out a little holiday joy, and spread a little holiday light. But for every bad thing there are a million good things in the world and I just got a Christmas dream come true.

Graham Hancock, one of my favorite authors, is appearing just 2 miles from me in a couple of days.

Ive wanted to see him live for over a decade. I've plotted out how to go to England and see him in person. I've read everything he's written.

And now he's coming here.

It was an unexpected surprise and its made my season in ways I cant express. I'll be that fan thats in line hours early, with a stack of books and a handshake waiting to say 'you sir, changed my life.'

Its amazing that writers can do that. That what they put into the world lives on in the hearts of their readers.

So crying out of happiness today because something Ive been dreaming of for years has come true.

Happy Holidays!

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