March 7, 2016

The Daughters of Dark Root Series

Books 1-3 are out in the Daughters of Dark Root series, and 4 will be released soon and is available for preorder now.

The premise of this saga began when I was revisiting my own childhood. I had 3 sisters, just like Maggie Maddock. One of those sisters went to live with her biological father (just like Maggie Maddock), and I never knew who my real father was (Just like Maggie).

The sisters grow up, leave their coven-leader mother behind, and head out into the world to start new lives. But in their 20s they are called home. Their mother is ill, and their enchanted town has lost its magic.

The series continues with twists and turns, mysteries, magick, and unanswered questions. Its been a true labor of love to write and these characters have become my family. I even love and feel sympathy for the antagonists. Everyone has a backstory and if we learn what it is, we usually arent as quick to judge.

As book 4 nears completion I cant help but feel nervous. My readership has grown and I dont want to disappoint anyone. This book will be a culmination of the others and I hope I can do it justice.

Book One Link.

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