February 9, 2015

Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop Stop

Welcome to the Fairy Tale Fun Blog Hop. In these posts we will demonstrate how the Main Characters of our books share similarities with Princesses (the good, the bad, and the funny).
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In my post, I will demonstrate 6 ways that Maggie Maddock in The Witches of Dark Root shares similarities with Brave's Merida.

1. Both Maggie from and Merida have wild, untamed red hair! (and untamed hearts as well)

2. Both young women are at home in the woods. In fact, Maggie's home town of Dark Root is a 'magical' forest.

3. Both women want to forsake tradition and choose their own path. Merida wants to choose whom she will marry while Maggie wants to find her way in the world and not take over her mother's coven business.

4. Both Maggie and Merida discover that their mother is under a witch's spell!
5. Both women also have limited time to save their mother!

And finally...

6. In the end, both women discover that anything can be accomplished through the right combinations of family, love, and magic.

That's all for this stop. If you would like to read more about Maggie Maddock, you can download The Witches of Dark Root and The Magick of Dark Root on Amazon.

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February 5, 2015

Psychic Storm Available Now

Psychic Storm is now available to read. Just 99 cents on Amazon.
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Meditations on The Shadows of Dark Root

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