February 29, 2016

According to the commercial I just heard in my car, there is every indication that I have unnaturally low testosterone, including my inability to have and maintain an erection. Lucky for me, the convenience store sells pills for this, right by the gummy bear section.

February 15, 2016

A Writer's Life

I'm working hard to get The Curse of Dark Root: Part Two out. I have just 40 days to get it all done before the final editor takes over. Writing a novel is tough, especially one with a complicated story line, and my brain doesn't want to shut off. Every time I close my eyes I see another scene, or something I've missed, or something that needs to be added. When I'm writing, I live in another world and its tough to pull out of it. And then, when it's done, I get 'writer's amnesia' where I have a hard time remembering what I wrote at all.

The Dark Root books take about 9 months for me to write (sometimes slightly more or less) and I'm always baffled and dazed when they are done.

And its never enough. There are always things you could do/change, even after your book is for sale. Always a part of me that screams "wait!" But like the saying goes, art is never finished, just abandoned.

At any rate, I'm hoping my readers enjoy this one. Im feeling more pressure this time than anytime before. And when Im freaking out I ask myself "why the hell am I doing this?" And then, almost miraculously, I get an email or a msg or a review from someone telling me how important my books are to them, and then I remember.

February 14, 2016

Heart Day 2016

My husband took me to dinner last night for Valentine's Day. It was lovely. Cheese, meat, and chocolate fondue until you can't take it anymore. He even got me a card.
Not a big deal,right? Well, the last card he got me was on my birthday and 1. He forgot to sign it 2. He forgot to give it to me and 3. He forgot to take it out of the bag. He's wonderful in many ways, but spontaneous romance (or one that involves milling around the Hallmark section of the grocery store) isnt his forte.
But the card was sweet and thoughtful. He wrote that he loved his 'quirky, lovable, brilliant, creative, and inspiring wife.' I  melted. Not sure what or why but those words got to me. Like, he saw the best in me and I knew it.
As a side note, I did try and get him something from Victoria's Secret for Valentine's Day (and wow, I just realized the acronym for that is VD which might have been appropriate during some age) but the corsets they tried to sell me pushed my middle in, while doubling my bottom and tripling my chins. Although Im sure darling husband wouldn't have minded, I have that image of the beautiful sales girl trying to tell me I looked 'amazing' (when we both knew I didn't) forever, and ever.
Oh well. That's married love, I suppose.

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