December 30, 2011

Sears and K-Marts Closing? Say It Isn't So!

K-marts and Sears stores are closing. Closing! That's the news I woke up to. Scary stuff. Although I no longer shop at K-mart (I did give it a try two years ago but the atmosphere was so thich with despair I had to leave) and I rarely shop at Sears, it still makes me sad to see them go.

I grew up with K-mart. All my clothes were from K-Mart. I once sharpied in some checkers on a pair of cheap canvas tennies from the K to trick everyone into believing I had real Vans. Didn't work. Just gave me a case of checkered feet for gym class. But the nostalgia remains.

And Sears...I do shop there when I'm actually at the mall (I'm not really a mall girl but I do like a good pretzel now and again). They have some cute things. I can't understand why Sears is closing too. There should be enough people there to keep them going. Damn them. Why, oh why have other shoppers forsaken me?

I've seen other places go out of business in the last few years...places I thought were institutions. The Arbys down the road just shut down one day. No warning. Nothing. It had been there as long as I could remember and it was clean and pleasant. But apparently good mood food wasnt good enough. Even more shocking the Burger King at the other end of the street also shut down. Again, no warning. I discovered this after a night of drinking and a serious case of the munchies.We drove through and kept driving. If McDonald's ever closes down we all better run for the hills.

I simply can't imagine a world where there are no Burger Kings, Sears, and K-Marts. Even if I don't go to them, I still want them there. It's like the grandparents I never visit. Love them. Comforted by them.  Glad to know they are there. Please dont go anywhere. You are part of my collective childhood. I'm lost and confused once you leave the building.

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