June 6, 2013

Off The Rack

It's a beautiful day in Portland. The sun is shining. And my allergies are finally under control.

I decide I'm going to break out the bike and ride it  to a coffee shop, spending my morning sipping tea and reading, a luxury I haven't had for months.

Somehow, we had lost my old bike chain so hubby got me a new one. I realize the first hurdle to getting said bike ride done was getting chain set up. Its one of those cute combination ones where you can 'program' in your own number. Mines 1111 by the way, in case you ever want to borrow my bike.


I'm reading directions for this thing, and yes there are directions, and it says...and I'm not kidding here, that to properly lock my bike up I have to remove the front tire and put the lock through the back tire and whatever or whoever I want to chain it to (okay I made up the whoever part).

What the hell?

It never says what I'm supposed to do with said tire. Just remove it. That's all.

So, I'm supposed to go the coffee shop, order tea and read my book, while holding a bike tire in my lap?

Or is there a tire day care I don't know about, one that charges an hourly rate to care for it while I enjoy my Starbucks experience? If not, maybe there's a market for it.

Now, I'm feeling daunted. In my mind I'm a rules breaker, but in my heart I'm somewhat of a coward. What if I take the chance and DON"T remove the tire and then when I'm done with my coffee I come out and my bike is gone and I'm like damn, now I know why they said to remove the tire.

Another thought occurs to me...I didn't need to buy the chain after all. If I just removed the tire, and dismantled any other extraneous parts, no one's gonna steal it anyway. Because then it's just a piece of junk.

There is a lot of logistics that is involved in this whole ordeal. No wonder we are a lazy nation. It's way too much work to even start to get healthy.

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