January 31, 2014

Worst Restaurant Names and Concepts

Staring to brainstorm ideas for the sequel to The Universe is a Very Big Place. For those of you who haven't read it, its a romantic comedy (emphasis on comedy). Thinking of names for the worst restaurants and food concept establishments in a small town environment. Here are the ones that didn't make the cut.

  1. In and Out Mexican Food (the name speaks for itself)
  2. To-Foods (like Whole Foods but they sell only tofu based items)
  3. The Green Pea (Country diner and free clinic)
  4. The Petri Dish (not so fine French cuisine)
  5. The Bachteria (a family friendly, all you can eat place that plays classical music)
  6. Pick a Chick (you meet your hen before its cooked)
  7. A Taste of Phish (seafood buffet with patchouli and tie-dye décor)
  8. Cravings (a place for pregnant women to go and combine any manner of disgusting foods)
  9. Thai-Foid Kitchen (a small typo in the sign that was never corrected)
  10. Happy Foods All You Can Eat Panda Buffet (another typo, but its up, what can you do?)
  11. Jesus Pizzas (guaranteed delivery before the rapture)
  12. Smart Alex Trivia Café (a Jeopardy themed restaurant. Its specialty is green Jello shaped like a brain.
  13. The Sausage Fest (very popular in certain communities and with women ages 45-65)
  14. Scavengers (find your food with a series of clues before somebody else does)
  15. The Hot Log (Giant wieners fit for a lumberjack sized hunger)
  16. Prawneria (spicy sea creatures)
April Aasheim is the author of The Witches of Dark Root (3.49)
and The Universe is a Very Big Place (2.99). Both available on Amazon.

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  1. I like #9 - it's got potential for its own little story (the typo, uncorrected)


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