January 11, 2015

Clean Out My Email Box or Move

Just deleted 2000 emails from my Yahoo account. And those were only emails that have accumulated since Nov 1, 2014. Most of them are from stores.
I really need to start saying "No, Thank you," when the sales people at stores ask for an email address. Of course, many of them don't even ask. As you are handing them money they simply say "email address," and I blindly give it to them.
Why? I have no idea. Maybe I'm a rules follower and I think giving people information on me just because they ask is a 'rule'. Or maybe its because I don't want to hurt their feelings. Or maybe I just don't have a very good reason for saying no without looking like a jerk.
At any rate, I've learned that just because someone wants something from me, doesn't mean I have to provide it.
The next time a sales girl asks for my email address I'm simply going to tell them I'm a Doomsday Prepper who isn't on the grid and I'm simply buying that really cute skirt just in case I need to barter with something after the apocalypse.
That should stop them.
I hope.

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