January 26, 2015

My Crazy (and Good) Life

   What a crazy weekend.
   The Witches of Dark Root hit #1 in a lot of categories on Amazon, and at one point had a rank of #86 in all of Amazon.
   I just cant believe that and I'm still in shock. Sometimes life surprises you and I feel like I was hit over the head with a happy hammer.
   The Magick of Dark Root is also doing well, currently #1 in Women's Fiction: Fantasy.
   This has really given me the inspiration needed to plow through this first draft of The Curse of Dark Root and get it out there. I'm writing my little fingers to the bone but its a happy sort of work, the kind of work that makes me feel alive (even when I'm hermiting up)

   I feel blessed and numb and full of gratitude at the moment.
   I know that nothing is permanent and tomorrow I may fall off all the charts, but today was a really good day.

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