November 24, 2015

Haunted Portland

I went to Orycon this weekend. This is Oregon's scifi/fantasy con and it was pretty fun. I'm a noob so wasn't sure what to expect but there were some fun panels (which I even helped lead when one of the presenters didn't show up), people dressed up in all sorts of costume, and some 'quiz games' that I was apparently too inebriated to play.

One really cool thing was I met a man named Jefferson Davis. He's an anthropologist/archaeologist/historian who wrote books on haunted places around the world, including the pacific northwest. He also helped write Weird Oregon.

Mr Davis is going to give me a tour of haunted Portland soon for research on my books and Im so excited. This guy really knows his stuff.

At some point I'll be writing Juliana Benbridge's back story for my Dark Root series, and she was cast out of Victorian Portland because of witchcraft. Now, I'll have some great details to add to this.

Its always interesting to me who you'll meet in this world, often times unexpectedly. I love that!

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