March 1, 2016

The Tables Are Turned

     I was talking with my husband the other night about what it feels like (for me) living in a man's world. "We're still objectified," I said.
     We are dining out, in a restaurant known for hiring beautiful young women. This is not what the restaurant advertises, but rather an accepted 'fact' around the community. Guys often say, 'hey lets go to such and such and check out the talent there.' As I'm talking to my husband our lovely, young mini-skirt wearing waitress is at the next table, fending off advances while flirting her way to better tips.
     "What I'm saying," I inform him, "is that females grow up in a different world than males. Look around this place. Almost half the customers here are men. Would that demographic be as equally split if we were at a restaurant known for its hot guy waiters?"
     "Really? You guys would go to it, without complaining?"
     "If the food was really good."
     "Its the same thing for movies and even TV now. Girls grow up seeing images of nude and nearly nude women on the screen, all the time. I don't even know what normal boobs look like anymore because all the ones I see are perfect. And we girls have to be cool with it, because if we aren't we are jealous or crazy. But hey, if we get 30 seconds of Hugh Jackman running around without a shirt its a good day!"
     "Yeah? What are you getting at?"
     I just wonder how men's psyches would be different if they grew up in a world where they felt continuously judged and ordered according to their appearance, where they couldn't watch a movie without seeing a naked man surrounded by fully clothed women in a bar, and where waiters were objectified as our waitresses are." I lean in close. "What kind of world would that be?"
     "If men were objectified just like women are?"
     "Sounds like an awesome world to me."

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