July 20, 2013

I Want Mermaid Abs

I've been getting back into Magic the Gathering lately. Yes, that Magic from the 1990s. I got hooked back in by playing X-box Magic 2014. It was fun and so I bought a deck. And another. And another.

I can talk a lot about Magic, and I probably will at some point. But I just had the most interesting epiphany while playing so I had to share. There was a creature in the game that was a human female from the neck down, and a feline from the neck up. A cat woman I guess.

Of course, the cat woman had nice boobs and killer abs and wore a sexy dress. It made me stop and think. Why would a woman that was cursed to have an oversized cat's head bother to work out and then go shopping for the perfect outfit? If it were me, I'd sequester myself in the house with a bag of Cheetos and probably never step foot outside again. But then again, I don't have cat woman's self confidence. She knows how to work it.

But while I'm on the subject, why is it that every half animal/half human fantasy creature is always in good shape? I've never seen a Mermaid with a muffin top or a Centaur with a beer gut. When was the last time anyone saw a Minotaur with a set of love handles skulking about? It just doesn't happen.

I was on my rant, pointing out the blatant sexism within the artistry, when my husband reminded me of harpies. Those old, ugly birds who sit around squawking and complaining.

I'm not sure why he brought this up but I guess he's right. Although...something feels wrong.

I will have to think about this and come back to it later.

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