October 25, 2013

Candy Crush Your Soul

It started out as a simple game and now it's taken my soul: Candy Crush.

I avoided it for so long, poo-pooing it whenever a Facebook friend would send me a request. After all, if its that popular, it cant be good. Right?

But now, I've found myself addicted, playing during commercial breaks, at red lights, and whenever my husband isn't saying something interesting at dinner. But the game is insidious. You can only play for so long before it cuts you off.

Next life in 54 minutes it tells me.

I've created things to do while waiting for said next life: wash dishes, vacuum, clean the toilet. In Candy Crush's defense, my house has never looked so clean.

But last night I hit a new level on the game and I beat it. And Candy Crush didn't just cut me off for an hour, it cut me off for an entire day.

"Come back in 24 hours for your next quest."

Mother F...

Of course, the beauty of this 'free' app is that you can spam your social media friends with requests for tickets and extra lives and even things that will make winning easier. Then they can get infected by the bug. Its a never ending trap.

But I haven't resorted to that. Yet. In 8 more hours I get to play again. I can last that long. There's a yard that needs to be weeded and a cat I haven't fed in several days. I have things I can do. I can make it.

I have become a Crombie (a Candy Crush Zombie). And I have joined my tribe.

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