October 21, 2013

White Noise Apps I Wouldn't Want to Hear

I just got back from a long weekend with extended family. While it was fun I couldn't help but miss my own bed, and the fan that runs while I sleep, providing some white noise relief. I was told that you could get apps for your phone that would also work to give you that background noise. There were options for running water, gong chimes, and thunder, but sadly, these couldn't quite compete with my own fan. While contemplating these lesser noises, I came up with my own list I think they should make. While they might not provide a great night's sleep, they'd be pretty fricken funny.

The Worst White Noise App Sounds Ever:

  • Cat fight
  • Sneakers in the dryer
  • Audience of the Jerry Springer Show
  • Bluetooth man at the grocery store
  • Crazy old woman on the bus
  • Bawling babies
  • Smoke detector with low batteries
  • Young mother giving her child to the count of 14 to behave
  • Grandpa regaling youngsters with his 'Tales from Nam'
  • Pudding hour at the Sunny Dales home for retirees
  • Any Miley Cyrus television interview

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