February 12, 2014

Men Buying Cards

Was just in Target in the greeting card section. There were about a dozen of us women all lined up, reading every card, oohing and awing as we opened and closed each one.
One by one we decided on the perfect Valentine and moved on, allowing someone else to fill up our section in the line. On average, it took us each about ten to fifteen minutes.

What struck me was the men who filtered into our group. Many of them saw a card, opened it, scanned it, then put it into their carts without a second glance at another card.
One pair of men (who were obviously friends)struck up this conversation:
Man 1: That card (you are holding) looks perfect for my girlfriend. Can you hand me one too?
Man 2: Sure. We haven't introduced them yet, have we? *laugh*
Man 1: No, dude. Let's wait until after Valentine's Day for that.
Man 2: We done shopping?
Man 1: Yep.

And they say romance is dead.

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