November 12, 2014

Ringing In the Holiday Season

The holiday season is officially upon us. I know because I saw Kohl's all decorated up and that's my cue to go!

We put up our lights outside already. Yes. We are those people. The first on the block to put them up. And most likely the last to take them down. Shawn put up the Christmas tree, and a few strands of lights with hardly any twinklings missing. What he missed in lights he made up for in tinsel so all is well.

Our cat has been eyeing the tree, nibbling on the ends to get a taste. The bottom branches aren't really to his liking so he has his eyes set on the top. That's where all the really good branches are, even if the tree is fake.

Aside from all the decorating hullabaloo I'm a little down this year. I have some family stuff that isn't quite what it should be. But the holidays are a time of magic and if anything can heal wounds its Santa Claus.

Now to cozy in and eat cookies and gain ten pounds that I'm sure I'll regret come January.

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