June 24, 2015

Hello Sunshine?

What I hope I'll look like
Trying out Glam Lights on my hair. The box assures me its easy and if its good enough for Blake Lively it's good enough for me.

Of course, I've tortured my hair a lot this year. So much, in fact, that I had to have a big chunk of it cut off at a fancy salon in Vegas. What I was left with is only describable as a Euro Mullet (meaning short in front, long in back, and the stylist assuring me that this is all the rage in Italy).

Its finally grown out a little and I'm no longer wearing it back all the time (or in my writer's ponytail) but that may change after these highlights hit my head.

Still, I'm always one to experiment. If I go bald perhaps I'll just audition for the next Mad Max film.

This creature with a straw head. | 18 Cute Animals Having A Worse Hair Day Than You
What I will probably end up with!
Come on pretty bouncy shiny hair!

April Aasheim

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