June 25, 2015


The husband and I were supposed to have date night tonight, but that turned into eating cereal out of salad bowls and watching an Indie movie from Redbox.

The movie clearly stated that there was 'graphic nudity' which my husband seemed okay with (surprise, surprise). I told him it would serve him right if the nudity was all male, full frontal and loaded.

Of course, it wasn't.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to have grown up on the opposite side of the gender fence. Boys are raised in a culture where they can't get away from seeing naked boobies (and more) in the movies, on the internet, and even on TV. Girls are raised to endure it.

But wouldn't life be different if the thong was on the other cheek? If we gals grew up seeing naked men in cinema so often it rarely made us blink, while men could just hope and pray that in that movie they might get a peek at a nipple.

I really don't mind nudity in the movies, but I do mind the sexism. If we are lucky we get to see an old guy, bare butted, tottering his way over to the public bath.

It's an interesting world we females live in, but we accept it. All the breasts on the movie screen (which are always round and firm and perfect), all the 'spring break videos' featuring slightly drunken, twerking females, and all the films featuring guys whose girlfriends are half their age.

I think its time for a major switcharoozie! If I want to be depressed looking at breasts, I'll just stare at my own :)


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