June 29, 2015

It Goes Where?

Once again I'm journeying into the realm of writing romance. Or should I say Paranormal Romance.

I'm not a great romance writer, I'll admit it. The sexual tension stuff is fine but when it comes to the characters actually 'doing it' my writing gets clunky and technical. I have to stop and think now what happens next and what fits where? You would think I'd never done this before!

Hopefully, it will all turn out. There's only one or two scenes in my book and I will ask my husband to proof read it first. For some strange reason, he's good at breaking up these scenes and telling me what's missing. I'll just be happy that he doesn't do this in real life.

So...look for a semi-steamy scene or two in The Good Girl's Guide to Being a Demon. It will be out this fall. And for those of you who read paranormal romance, you can let me know if I'm doing it right.

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