June 9, 2014

Trust the Process

Well, I'm done writing the last book and I've officially begun the next book. The only thing is, it's really hard to find my voice this time. Jumping from a suspense book to a comedy can be daunting. I'm hoping as time goes on I will relax into it.

I have to have faith though. They've all worked out so far. I'm not a huge plotter. I have an idea of what the book should be about and some major plot points, but I never know what I will actually type. Characters just pop into my head and I'm like, "oh, that's how that happens."

Lesson here: When writing, trust the process. If you plot it out too much it seems to lose its magic. At least for me. Writing should be as much a journey for the author as it is for the reader. Then when something is discovered, you discover it together.

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